Customer's network connection

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Customer's network connection

The media player needs a functioning internet connection to communicate with the FirstView Manager content managing system. The media player checks the server for potential changes every 5 minutes (300 seconds) and updates the playlist accordingly.

All media players download the material presented in the displays to their own memory. The material stays in the device’s memory as long as the material is timed to be presented. The strain to the media player’s network is limited when it comes to video playback.

Videos are downloaded in parts of 1 megabyte from the server into the media player and after every part there is a 4 second break. Because of this the maximum bandwidth usage is 256kB/s per media player. Videos are transferred like this so the media player can resume downloading should the connection be lost / the device rebooted mid-way in the process. In this way the whole video file doesn’t have to be downloaded from the beginning. Because of this also the network strain remains minimal.

The bandwidth usage to the server is not limited. When transferring videos to the server the maximum speed of the network is used.

Choosing the network connection type

The media player can be connected to a wireless, LAN or mobile network (3G/4G). The only conditions are that the network is functioning, fast enough and doesn’t have a browser-based login. Upon ordering the client is requested to present the network information to FirstView. From this link you can find a form and instructions to ordering devices: Ordering devices