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A free technical support service is avaible to all customers of FirstView. You can contact us when you have problems with the software, media player or display ordered from FirstView. Contact is mainly taken via e-mail:, but in urgent situations you can call us at +358 50 380 7983.

If you have purchased a FirstView system through one of our retailers, please contact them directly when experiencing problems.

Warranty of devices

The media players of FirstView come with at least a 3 year warranty. The time of warranty varies according to the type of the media player. You can ask for more detailed information concerning the media players’ warranty from our techninal support or sales team.

Should the media player malfunction during its time of warranty FirstView will maintain the device or provide a new one if needed. The media players will be shipped to FirstView for maintenenace unless agreed otherwise. In warranty maintenances the customer is responsible for posting fees.

Should the media player malfunction outside the warranty period or in a situation that doesn’t belong to the warranty (for example natural disasters), you can inquire FirstView about the device’s maintenance costs.

Displays ordered from FirstView always come with the manufacturer’s warranty. If the display malfunctions during its time of warranty FirstView will do a maintenance request to the manufacturer on behalf of the customer. A malfunctioning display must be reported to FirstView as soon as possible and the following information has to be provided:

  • Model of the display
  • Serial number of the display
  • Malfunction description
  • Possible pictures from the situation where the display malfunctioned / was damaged and from the “production sticker” in the back of the display
  • A contact person and his/her phone address and the location of the display

OnSite maintenance

The need for OnSite maintenance is extremely rare and most problems are possible to solve in other more affordable ways. The need for OnSite maintenance must be thoroughly discussed with FirstView Technical support. The possible maintenance measures are primarily ordered from our certified installers who are trained to work with matters regarding the FirstView system. For the maintenance visit it has to be taken into account that the installer has access to the devices and he can cooperate with the person in charge of the network infrastructure.