Configuring the media player’s network settings

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Tämä on käännetty versio sivusta Mediasoittimen verkkoasetusten konfigurointi, ja käännös on 100 % valmis.

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1. Creating a configuration file

The creator of the configuration file must be logged in as the organization’s administrator.

Log into content management system

Kuva 2. Asetusten ylläpito

Select the "Displays" tab from the left side of the FirstView Manager.

Move to the Configuration / Administration tab and select the type of the media player.

Kuva 3. Näkymä, mikäli käyttäjä poistaa DHCP-valinnan

The settings group already has DHCP Ethernet settings. Remove the DHCP selection if static IP-addresses are being used and provide the following information:

  • IP
  • Subnet Mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS1
  • DNS2
Kuva 4. Proxyn valinta

Choose ”use a proxy” if a proxy is being used and fill in the correct Proxy address.

Kuva 5. Verkkoyhteyden valinta

Choose “Type” (Ethernet, wifi, mobile) and fill in the information if needed.

Kuva 6. Asetusten lataus

You can add the preferences to the list and download the settings as a file.

2. Configuring the media player

1. Copy the player.conf file to an empty USB flash drive. (The name of the file has to be exactly player.conf for the media player to recognize the file)

2. Plug the USB flash drive into one of the media player’s available USB-ports. (The media player has to be on and plugged into the display.)

3. Wait until the ”Media player configuration” window pops up into the display. From there you can also recheck that the network information has been put into the file correctly.

4. Remove the USB flash drive from the media player.

5. The configuration is ready and the media player will reboot itself.

Other things to note regarding the configuration of the media player:

  • The configuration file cannot be made with the Safari browser
  • The media player only recognizes a file named exactly player.conf. If you make several configuration files at the same time, please note that their names may be changed to player(1).conf etc. automatically!
  • If the configuration file has to be opened, use either Notepad or Wordpad, because for example Word adds .txt to the name of the file.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact technical support:

+358 50 3807983

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