Establishing customership

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To establish a customership please contact FirstView’s Director of International Business:

Henri Kuivala

Director of International Business

+358 (0)400 940 662

Purchasing FirstView displays

STEP 1: Consider these first

  • What is the purpose of the displays
  • Who looks at your displays and where
  • What kind of material do you want to present on the displays

STEP 2: Purchase reliable devices

  • Get to know our products and/or contact us
  • Let’s discuss together: the amount, size and distribution of displays
  • Get a competitive offer of the whole service including devices
  • We deliver (and install, if needed) the displays to the desired locations

STEP 3: Learn to manage devices and contents

  • We open an account to the web-based FirstView-Manager content managing system for your organization
  • We train the users and help to get started with the contents
  • In the future you can distribute materials to the displays with just a few clicks