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This page is a translated version of the page Ohjelmiston asentaminen mediasoittimeen and the translation is 83% complete.

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  • Download latest software from (version 2018112772 released 27.11.2018 md5sum 48c98723d9ecb3555c72165511f81b58)
  • Make sure USB-stick follows these rules
    • There's enough space
    • USB Dongle HAS to be in FAT32 format (NOT NTFS, HFS etc)
    • If you have problems installing HDCube software, you can use SD Formatter tool to make sure USB Dongle is in correct format.
      • Under options choose 'Quick Format' and 'Format size adjustment' = on
      • Press ok and Format
  • Unzip .zip to root of the USB Dongle, so that there will be directory called EFI etc
  • Insert USB Dongle, USB-keyboard and display to the player. (If player has no prior software on it, you will only need the USB Dongle, as it boots from there by default then)
  • Power on the player and keep pressing F10 every 0.5 seconds
  • Next you will see Boot Menu. Choose option that has BOTH UEFI and USB mentioned and press enter.
  • After about 1 minute you will see 'Installation ready'. Remove USB Dongle and reboot
  • Ready

HDCuben BIOS-update and settings

  • IMPORTANT! Make sure that BIOS version is ATLEAST 0050 for gray model (DN2820FYKH) or 0042 for black model (DC3217IYE) or 0048 for newest 5th generation NUC (NUC5CPYH)
    • IMPORTANT for NUC5CPYH MODELS! You have to configure os as Linux in BIOS settings: From mainpage -> Advanced (under Boot Order) -> Boot Configuration -> OS Selection -> LINUX!
    • After powering on, keep pressing F2 every 0.5 seconds
    • BIOS settings will open and look for Bios Version. If 3rd field has smaller number than required, you HAVE to update BIOS!
    • It's also good to check that player has been configured to power on automatically after power failure
    • Easiest way to do it is with a mouse. Go to Advanced menu and from there choose Power tab.
    • Look for After Power Failure and make sure Power On is chosen. If not, change it and press F10 and Y and the new settings will be saved
  • BIOS update can be downloaded from (type in the exact model of your player hardware, look for Model: at the bottom of the case)
  • You can use the same USB Dongle for BIOS update. Download .bio file to USB dongle, power on and keep pressing F7 every 0.5 seconds.
  • Choose your USB dongle from the menu and then choose the correct .bio file


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