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Conferences can be summarized and presented on a summary screen. From the summary screen the viewer can see where and when each conference is held. The user can choose which conference rooms and conferences can be seen on the summary screen from the FirstView Manager. After the conference reservations have been made, the system generates the summary screen automatically.

The conference features are activated to the FirstView Manager on behalf of the customer. A request about the conference rooms and summary screens is sent to the FirstView technical support:

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The creation of the summary screen is started from the Summary screens tab. The correct Summary screen is chosen from the Summary Screens dropdown list.

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Choose the desired template from the Template menu and click Save. All available conference displays (conference rooms) will appear.

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After this, choose which conference displays will appear on the summary screen. A guidance sign for the conference displays can be chosen from the menu on the right. The guidance sign demonstrates where the conference room is. The summary screens are usually located in lobbies, so the viewer can use the guidance sign to locate the conference room. Click Save after selecting the guidance signs. They will then appear next to the conference displays.

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Click the desired summary screen from the Overview page of the FirstView Manager.

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Click the arrow button in the right side of the presentation. Then click the magnifying glass icon from the lower right corner of the summary screen.

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A browser tab will open. There you can observe the summary screen. All conferences held in the chosen conference rooms will appear on the summary screen. The guidance signs and times will also appear. If there are no conferences, they have to be added first. For more information about adding conferences, check this link.