The screen is dark, but the media player is connected to the network (green dot in the Overview page)

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Please confirm the following things:

  • The display is on. Also make sure that the display has the correct source / input using a remote controller or the buttons in the display
  • The screensaver isn’t on and the display hasn’t been automatically shut down (for more information, see here)
  • If there are any devices between the media player and the display, make sure that the device isn’t malfunctioning by plugging the display directly to the media player. If possible, try different cables (HDMI, DVI, VGA)
  • All cables are ok and plugged correctly
  • The display is working. You can check if the display is working by plugging another one or for example a laptop
  • Material has been assigned and scheduled to the display

You can also try to reboot the media player by turning it off for a while.