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The same material can be easily distributed to several displays at the same time using the FirstView Manager.

Using the display search tool the material can be distributed even across organizations, depending on the user’s access level.

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For example sharing a picture presentation to other display groups inside a zone/unit can be done as follows:

Choose the desired display group from the Overview tab of the FirstView Manager. Click it open and select ”Add content --> add images”.

When adding images the display search tool can be seen right below the name of the presentation (Displays). There will automatically be a ticked box next to the display group to which the material is being added to. The material can be distributed to other display groups by ticking other display groups’ respective boxes.

You can search for specific display groups by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the display search tool. If the user manages several organizations or zones, this tool can be used to search for similarly named display groups from all organizations/zones (for example staff).

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From the upper left corner of the search tool you can choose to search for organizations, zones or display groups.

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After this you type in the keyword(s). The tool will show the results as a list.

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You can select the results of your choice from the list or you can choose all by accessing the ”Options” dropdown menu. When you have chosen the desired display groups/zones/organizations, you can leave the search tool by clicking the cross in the upper right corner.

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After choosing the display groups from the display search tool, define the other settings of the presentation such as priotities and begin/end times an save the presentation.

(To find out more about adding content, click this link: Adding content to displays)

What should be taken in to account when using the display search tool:

  • The same presentation will be distributed to all displays. This means that the presentation will NOT be copied – the settings will be the same for all presentations. If the settings are changed from one location, they will be changed everywhere.

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How can the presentation be removed from one display only? If the presentation is deleted from the media list using the garbage bin icon, the presentation will be deleted everywhere. The presentation can be removed from a single display using the display search tool:

You can open the presentation’s modifying window from whichever zone/display group. From there you can see all display groups where the presentation has been distributed to (display search tool window ”displaygroups”). The presentation can be removed from a single display group by removing the selection from the desired display group (untick the box). After this the presentation has to be saved and will then disappear from the display group where the selection was removed, but will remain in other display groups.