Frequently Asked Questions

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Problems with displays and mediaplayers, see Problem solving

Lost username and password

  • Username is your email-address. To reset your password, go to FirstView Manager login page and press "Forgot you password". New password will be emailed to you.

From where I can manage displays and find the ID of the mediaplayer

  • In overview page navigate mouse pointer over colored circle on display group → ID will be displayed. By left clicking the circle you can open list of mediaplayers connected to that display group. Click on the ID to go to mediaplayer management page.

Naming display groups vs. naming mediaplayers

  • Display group names shown on overview page can be renamed from the left panel "Display Groups". Choose display group, click Pen icon and choose new name. Press save.
  • We don't recommend renaming the mediaplayers themselves (Displays from left panel). If you still want to rename them, it's adviced that you'll leave the ID of the player to be part of the name. This will make it a lot easier to find the mediaplayers later on.

What are free users?

  • Free users in user management are accounts that aren't part of any organization or zone. When you make new user remember to choose user level from the drop down box after you have pressed save for the new user. Also, remember to add organizations or zones to the new user.

Some media isn't displaying

  • Check the priorities in playlist. Priority is shown as red lines on each presentation in playlist. (1 line=background, 2 lines=normal, 3 lines=high priority)
  • Only presentations with the same priority are shown. High priority will override normal priority and normal priority will override background priority
  • It might also take some time for videos to download into mediaplayers

How can I stop presentation from showing without deleting it

  • Press the green Play icon in playlist, from there press Stop. Presentation will only be reactivated after you press Play.

Red circle in display group on overview page

  • One or more mediaplayers in that display group has lost connection to FirstView Manager. Check power, internet connection and all cables. You can also poweroff the mediaplayer and turn it back on.

Yellow circle in display group on overview page

  • One or more mediaplayers in display group has storage space full. Remove presentations until the circle resets to green. It can take up to 5 minutes to reset.